Ed McDonough, CPC
How You Can Get What You Want Faster!
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The main reason people turn to a Life Coach for assistance is because they want to make a positive change in their life and achieve an important goal in the most practical and streamlined way.
I can help you get the results you want faster, and I guarantee your satisfaction!
Would you like to...
My Life's Purpose:
To put people on a clear path towards raising the quality of their life.
I believe everyone deserves to have what they want and live life surrounded by great wellbeing and happiness.
Through mindful, innovated and practical coaching, I make it easy for anyone to get from where they are, to where they want to be in life, in the best way possible.
    (Check all that Apply)
    Obtain a Goal or Life Long Dream?
          And make your desires become a reality?
    Have Greater Life Balance?
          And find more clarity while bringing peace and joy to all areas of your life?
    Improve Your Relationships?
          With family, friends or a new life partner?
    Solve a Problem?
          And have a sense of relief as get your life back on track?
    Be Pro-active with Your Health and Wellness?
          Improve your wellbeing and focus on the "whole" you?
    Find the Right Career?
          Find your purpose in life or the job that best suits you?
    Start or Make Your Business More Profitable?
          While making your life easier and more fun?
Taking the First Step Will Make You Feel Better!
The simple truth is this:
You'll begin to feel better right away about getting what you want, and reaching your goal, once you take your first step in the right direction.
This means you can immediately stop struggling and stop feeling overwhelmed about achieving what you want out of life.
You'll begin to feel better because together, you and will I develop a concise step-by-step plan to get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.
The Sensible Way... "My coaching experience with Ed was both powerful and enlightening. His ability to listen to my perceived obstacles and goals, while questioning, probing, and allowing me to discover and sort them out myself was more than I had expected! He was non-judgmental, while helping me hammer away until I had a sensible action plan and a positive vision for my future.
I am feeling completely confident now that I realize the accomplishments which I hadn't even imagined are now absolutely possible for me to obtain.
Thank You, Ed!"
Kathy Duncan
Aspen, Colorado
How Will it Feel When You Can...
    Have Greater Control Over Your Destiny?
    Find Consistent and Greater Inner Peace?
    Live Life the Just the Way You Want?
You can bring great balance into any and all areas of your life, but to do so means you have to take the first step.
Here's How You Get Started...
You can take the first step right now by scheduling a one-on-one "Get What You Want" Coaching Session directly with me and be on your way to achieving your deepest desires and bringing more balance into your life.
This initial coaching session will allow you to clearly experience how coaching works and understand if it is the best choice to help you get what you want in the fastest way possible.
During our time together you will:
    (1) Become clear on your goals and vision
            (to help you avoid and remove distraction from your life)
    (2) Identify some key stepping stones to obtaining your dreams and desires
            (so you know how to reach them)
    (3) Develop an inspired plan to help you reach your goals
            (to keep you moving in a positive direction)
    (4) Uncover any challenges and obstacles standing in your way
            (to keep you on a clear path)
    (5) Boost your energy and motivation by focusing on what's truly important to you!
            (so you feel good about where your life is headed)
If you are like most, you will leave this session with major inspiration and you'll clearly be started on your way towards reaching your most wanted desires and living a happier, healthier and more balanced life.
A Truly Great Mentor, Life Coach, and Friend... "I first met Ed at one of his meditation classes that he held. Each time I went to one of his classes, I remember leaving with such a calm and blissful feeling.
Later, Ed became my Life Coach. He helped me tremendously through a very difficult time in my life. I recommend Ed highly, and consider him to be a truly great Mentor, Life Coach, and Friend."
Eileen Spector
Sharon, MA
Take Your First Step Here...
There are 2 ways for you to get started:
    1 - You can register online for your private "Get What You Want" Coaching Session with me by clicking here:
    Online Registration
    2 - You can register via the phone by calling: 508-308-8224
Either way, you can take that step right now and be on your way to making your life better. So, get started now and let's work together to get you what you want.
I look forward to speaking with you soon! Until then...
Live in Joy!,
Ed McDonough, CPC
America's Life Balance Expert™
Certified Professional Coach